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Walter M. Pierson Lodge No. 1339 is pleased to announce our first Festive Board and Lecture to be held on October 5, 2019, at the Braeswood Room of the Arabia Shrine Center.


As the new "kids" at the Arabia Shrine Center, we thought it would be a great idea to get together with our new neighbors at the Shrine. We just didn't want to visit them at their stated meetings. We wanted to bond with them in a less "formal" setting. Thus the idea of having a festive board came to light. That idea quickly turned into having a few brothers from the lodges at Arabia to "let's get as many brothers as we can from around the Houston area". We could not think of a better way to share a meal and take part in some fraternal fellowship with brothers not just from our lodge but also from other lodges.

So what is a festive board? To some that have never heard of it, they may think its a new thing because it's not commonly practiced by most lodges. But festive boards are entrenched deeply in our masonic roots. When the Grand Lodge of England was formed in 1717 in London, one of their tasks was to reinstitute the Quarterly Communication and to hold the Festive Board Feast with a theme of fellowship and continued education. Today, Festive Boards allow the brothers to enjoy the social aspect of the fraternity over a meal and at the same time fill their minds with masonic education. There is no formal or official ceremony for the Festive Board. But there are protocols involved, seating arrangements and a series of toasts.

We are honored to have R:.W:. Brad S. Billings as our guest speaker and he will be speaking to us about "Building Tomorrow's Freemasonry Today". He is an accomplished Texas Lodge of Research member having written three research papers including, "The beginnings of Texas Lodge of Research", "The Heraldry of Texas Lodge of Research", and the "Lubbock Study Committee". He also went on to serve as Worshipful Master of the Texas Lodge of Research in 2015. RW Billings was raised at Trinity Valley Lodge No. 1048 in Dallas, TX in 2006. He went on to serve as their Centennial Master. 

This year we have decided that part of the proceeds of the event will benefit the Walter M. Pierson Loge No. 1339's Scholarship Fund. 


Picture by primavera kitchen

We have two options for dinner and both will be served with dinner rolls, cucumber onion salad, and red roasted potatoes with a side of California blend vegetables. For

dessert, we have chocolate cake. 

Option A is a 10 oz New York Strip with mushrooms and Option B  is Chicken Marsala with lemon butter sauce.


Picture by Vicky Wasik

Unsweetened Tea, Coke, Sprite, Water, and Coffee are available. Proper drinks will be paired with the entrees but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Accommodations can be made for brothers that have special diet requirements (i.e. Vegan, Vegetarian, etc.) Please specify in the comments section below.

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